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Since 1998

We offer

We offer a variety of exotic animals. We also have a variety of petsĀ  such as, parrots, lizards, snakes, monkeys, and more.

They Bring Happiness.

Animals often have a positive influence on people, especially children.


The business started because we were experts in the field. We’re full-time employees and we’re always around. That’s why we’re able to offer not just what you need, but also great advice on what you should have for your unique animal

If you are looking for a pet, we have it.

If you are looking for an exotic pet, say a lizard or leopard, we are able to get it for you.

Shipped Direct from Sudan

When you get your animals from ASAWILD. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a store selling you a little bit of what you need and pushing the rest off on you. We offer a lot of products at a very low cost, but we want our customer base to be able to thrive while we do it.

We are able to get you the animals you need.

If you are looking for a specific breed or just a random animal, we can get it for you.

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